Celebrating a good day

Celebrating a good day

Some days are just truly awesome. I feel like celebrating when I’ve had a good day.

Sometimes it seems there’s so much online about parenting being shit, that I think those who are expecting babies must be terrified about how their life is going to change. I know life does change, and people want to hear that it’s not just them having a tough time. Comfort can be found in the knowledge that others are going through the same thing. But sometimes I feel like I have to apologise for having a good day. Don’t get me wrong I have plenty of ups and downs – only the other day I moaned about feeling the least favoured or least loved parent. But today has been great, so I thought I’d write about why being a parent isn’t all bad – well not today anyway.

Here’s why today’s been a good day:

1. We spent the morning catching up with a friend and her little boy who I’ve not seen for months at the Dinosaur Adventure Park. The kiddies loved seeing each other (they are nursery buddies) and they roared at all the dinosaurs whilst we had a good natter and attempted to name the dinosaurs. I soon realised I was just shouting out names of dinosaurs but none of them were right. Must try harder. Anyway, here are our little explorers digging for dinosaur bones.

Kiddies playing in sand

2. The sun was shining – enough said.

3. After we got home, Miss Belle had a decent nap so I could bake for our long weekend away. I made peanut butter cookies and chocolate brownies. Nom nom nom!

cookies a good day baking
4. I got to sample the baked goods. Deeeeee-licious.

5. I also finished most of the packing for our long weekend away.

6. Miss Belle woke up in the best of moods and tried to sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star to me whilst I changed her. She even made a diamond with her fingers for the “like a diamond in the sky” line. My heart melted, it was so adorable.

7. We played in the garden for the rest of the afternoon, on her swing, with her sand and water table, on the slide and watered the plants with her little watering can. She loves being outside, and so I do I when the sun shines.

8. There were no tantrums. Yes!!!!!

9. She didn’t bite me. Even bigger YESSSS!!!!

10. I got some ‘me time’ at an exercise class whilst Daddy put her to bed. OK, so it was Insanity, which is hard core. But it’s still ‘me time’ – and it was slightly more bearable than last week.

It’s put me in a good mood for our long weekend away. We are going to Centre Parcs for the first time with my brother, sister-in-law and two nephews. It’s the first time we’ve all gone away with all the kids. My newest nephew is only 5 months old so I’m looking forward to some cuddles and spending time with the rest of the family.

In the interest of balance, I will add that sadly my brownies are a bit disastrous – not baked in the middle and still resembling brownie batter. Bummer. Oh, and I now feel like I can’t walk from the Insanity class. Ah well, can’t win them all…

Have a lovely weekend everyone xx


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