What I’ve learned this week #1

I’ve decided I need a bit more structure with when I post, and I thought one way of doing this was to publish a weekly “What I’ve learned this week” post. During the week there’s always some good and slightly shite things that happen, and when I look back on them I realise I am constantly learning about this parenting thing.

So, I thought I’d do a sort of round-up style post every Friday, with things I’ve learnt about parenting, blogging and life in general.

This Is Me Now What I've learned this week


So here we go for week number 1.

What I’ve learned this week:

1. Sometimes people will disappoint you. My old comms team was up for a CIPR Pride Award last week. I couldn’t go because I couldn’t sort out childcare. It turns out we won a Gold award for an internal comms campaign I was involved in. I designed, took photos for and wrote a 12 page magazine and made two infographics. The magazine was a big part of the submission for the awards entry. I was told they’d let me know what happened, but I’ve had no text, email or tweet. I found out on Twitter. Safe to say I was pretty disappointed. Yes I don’t work there anymore. Yes awards don’t mean the world, but I’m still a CIPR member and it’s nice to get recognition for your work. They all know how hard I worked on that project.

2. I look old. Whilst in a lift moaning I was going to be late for an appointment at 2.55pm, a gentleman said to me “oh, for the school run?” That’s right people, apparently I look old enough to have school aged children. I know it’s only a few years away, but a little bit of me died inside.

3. Thomas is not a Really Useful Engine. He’s bloody stupid.

4. I like gin! Actual grown up gin! I tried Bombay Saphire for the first time at a wedding, and loved how refreshing it was. I feel both a bit old, and also like I have been missing out for years!

5. At 31, I can still do a cartwheel. This provides extra outdoor entertainment for Miss Belle.

So although I may be feeling (and looking) slightly older, I’ve still got it.

Have a good weekend everyone 🙂


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