Cooking ideas for kids – get them in the kitchen!

Cooking ideas for kids – get them in the kitchen!

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I have always loved cooking and it’s something I’m definitely passing onto my daughter. My son is too little at the moment, but there’s nothing more I love than a Sunday morning, when we have pancakes, and my daughter recites the entire recipe to me, and tells me what I have to do and impressively, in what order! Little Man sits in the high chair and watches and even has a go at holding the whisk! It got me thinking that there are so many ways you can get your children involved in the kitchen, even as preschoolers. They’re not all full on cooking tasks, as obviously you need to be careful around knives and heat! But there are plenty of things children can do. So I thought I’d share 11 easy cooking ideas for kids here.

11 easy cooking ideas for kids 

  1. Washing fruit and vegetables. As long as your child can stand on a chair and reach the sink, this is a great task that’s not dangerous and is also helpful. It educates your child about why we wash our fruit and vegetables before cooking. Use a colander and have a spare clean tea towel or paper towels nearby to dry if needed. 
  2. Peeling. Ok this requires a level of skill, but with help, my 4 year old can peel a carrot. I have to hold her hand and show her initially but she can now do it. The satisfaction she feels and the pride she takes in doing it carefully, is lovely to see. Always make sure your child is competent and help if they can’t do it. Part of the point of having your child in the kitchen is to bond and have fun at the same time. Some easier  foods to peel are bananas and onions or leeks. Once I’ve cut my onion in half, Miss Belle will peel off the outer skin for me. 
  3. Weighing ingredients. I could not work in the kitchen with my daughter without my beloved digital scales. I have a Salter scales they these Salter Digital Kitchen Scales. My daughter knows her numbers but can’t read into the hundreds yet. If I need 150g of something I can still tell her I need the scales to read “one five and zero”. She can then weigh things! Cooking obviously teaches maths, a great life skill, and I often now tell her the numbers in the hundreds so I don’t think it’ll be too long until she understands. Children can weigh anything. Flour, cheese, butter, frozen peas, chocolate chips, you get the idea! Obviously you need to check they have the correct amount, but give them the freedom and independence to try! 
  4. Sifting. Ok, so you need to be prepared for some level of mess, but sifting flour is a great and relatively easy task to give a preschooler and it gets easier the older the child. 
  5. Pouring. Again, this gets easier as they get older, but if you have to add water or milk, you can easily teach your child to do this. Yes there may be the odd spill, but it’s only through practice that they learn.
  6. Beating eggs. This is easy, and a good job to give to your child. I break eggs into a smaller bowl and give my daughter a fork to break the eggs up. We’re progressing to her cracking the eggs too, but often she does it too lightly against the rim of the bowl and needs help. Either that, or too much shell falls in! So for now I crack them and she then beats them. She still feels like she’s helping. 
  7. Chopping (soft) fruits. I have only really done this with bananas and berries and a blunt butter knife, but as your child gets older, you can show them how to safely chop their food. Leave hard root vegetables for the grown ups! 
  8. Taking things to the bin. Sounds obvious, but it’s great to ask your child to put rubbish in the bin or recycling, as you go along to keep it relatively tidy. We have a little food caddy for vegetable peelings and egg shells, so you can ask your child to put these in there. Again you’re educating your child about food waste and recycling at the same time!
  9. Grating. Grating cheese can be done together if you hold their hand covering the cheese to make sure they don’t cut themselves.
  10. Stirring. Obviously this is easy as long as the ingredients aren’t hot. Make sure you hold the bottom of the bowl to prevent spillages.
  11. Decorating. This one applies to cakes and biscuits only really, but one of my daughters favourite things to do is decorate, usually because it involves icing or sprinkles. Sometimes it’s easier to ice your bake yourself and then let your child go loose with the sprinkles on top. Talk about colours and patterns. Let them be creative, and just let it go when they inevitably eat too much sugar! 

So there are my top 11 cooking ideas for kids. There are lots of ways we can get our children involved and helping in the kitchen. As my 4 year old grows older there will be even more things she can do. (I surely can’t be the only one waiting for the age that their child can bring them a cup of tea in bed!? What age does that happen!?)

If I think of any more cooking ideas for kids I will share them in another post. And if you have any others, let me know in the comments. 

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Do you want your child to be a good cook, and to learn about where food comes from? Do you want to bond with your child in the kitchen? Check out these tips for jobs your children can do in the kitchen. #mummydaughtertime #kidsthatcook #bakingwithkids


This post contains an affiliate link to Amazon. This means if you purchase something, I will earn a small commission. It doesn't affect the price you pay - it simply helps me run a professional website. 


  1. 8th May 2019 / 2:49 pm

    At 10 years old my youngest has started asking me if he can help when I’m cooking. I always try to give him something to do, even if it’s just putting something in the bin for me. I love that he wants to help and think that should be encouraged as much as possible. 🙂

    • thisismenow
      9th May 2019 / 12:45 pm

      Definitely, there’s so many benefits for kids to spend time in the kitchen and actually they can be really helpful too, well, as they get older!!

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