Yesterday I had my hair cut at a new hairdressers more local to me (and considerably cheaper) than my old hairdressers in Norwich. I had hair dresser guilt about leaving my old hair dresser (this is a real thing isn’t it?!) but I need to save money now I’m a stay at home mum. I hadn’t had it cut since April or May and it was in desperate need of styling and thinning out. Anyway, happy with the end result, as I went to pay, I hesitatingly booked Miss Belle in for a chop in a couple of weeks time.

No big deal you may think. But this will be Miss Belle’s first hair cut: take two.

Back in May we attempted to get her hair cut at a place recommended to me by a mum I’d met at a baby group. “Oh Lorriane is great with children” she said. So I called up and asked specifically for Lorraine. Although I was slightly apprehensive about whether she’d sit still, I didn’t expect any real problems.

Well, the hair cut was a hoot.

As soon as we walked in Miss Belle clung to me with a ‘WTF is this place?’ look on her face. I’m pretty sure she was wondering why I was taking her into this loud, dark, strangely decorated room with a load of strangers sat around with foil on their heads. I’d never taken her to my hairdressers so it was her first time in a salon. Hmm I thought, this might be a bit hard work.

Understatement of the century.

Feeling that Miss Belle probably wasn’t going to let go of me, we agreed I’d sit with her rather than her sit on the chair on her own. I sat down in front of the mirror. Lovely Lorraine was all cooey and smiles, but Miss Belle had taken an instant dislike to her. She began to cry. Lorraine kept talking all high pitched and smiley and introduced her ‘special’ child friendly gown with animals on. “Look, it’s a funny Penguin! Do you like Penguins?” she said, as she held it up. Nope, she really doesn’t I thought. It wasn’t going well.

Then Lorraine tried to put the gown around her. Miss Belle flipped out. She screamed at this stranger invading her personal space trying to attack her with a brightly coloured plastic sheet and crawled up me clinging on for dear life. The problem was I also had one of the plain black shiny gowns on. And she slipped. And whacked the side of her face on the sparkly black granite shelf below the mirror. Of course, she erupted… she screamed like I’ve never heard her. I knew she had really hurt herself because I’d never heard her cry like that before (and touch wood haven’t heard it since). By this point the other customers were all looking around. The other members of staff quite annoyingly looked over at me as if it was might fault. They looked puzzled and kept asking what on earth was wrong. We explained she hit her head.

I tried to calm her down and take her away from the other customers and staff feeling guilty that my child was causing so much noise. I went out the back door that was open into a little courtyard but she was having none of it. She was going mental. She was traumatised. And I was too. When I couldn’t console her, Lorraine and I agreed it was time to go and we’d try it another time. Yeah, right, I thought. I don’t think we’ll be coming here again. I knew it wasn’t her fault, but I didn’t like the way the other staff looked at me like they’d never seen a baby cry for hitting their heads before. Then the situation took hold of me and I couldn’t contain myself. My poor baby had really hurt herself. As I started to well up Lorraine said “oh please don’t be upset” and I rushed out of the door crying into my babba.

By the time we’d driven the 5 minutes home a lovely greeny purple bruise had appeared right by her eye. In a way she was lucky it wasn’t worse.

Ah those lovely first hair cut memories, where your little one is left with a shiner.

So, perhaps unsurprisingly, I now have Hair Cut Fear.

Since May I’ve had to tentatively snip her fringe a couple of times, but the poor girl looks such a scruff pot and constantly has her fringe in her eyes, so I need to get over the Fear.

Miss Belle is booked in for the week after next.

Have any of you got any tips or experiences of how I can make her first hair cut: take two, any less traumatic?


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