Before I became a mum I never even knew that ‘milestone’ cards existed.

Don’t get me wrong, I was thrilled when we received some lovely ones as a gift when my baby was born and loved snapping her next to cards such as “I am one week old today” – they’ve created lovely memories which we will treasure forever.

The problem with marking milestones however, is when you find your baby isn’t ticking them off the list as quickly as everyone else’s babies, you feel a bit crap.

The competitive mum in all of us naturally wants to share how proud we are of our baby’s achievements, whether it’s rolling, sitting, sleeping, eating, talking or walking. I’m guilty of telling anyone who’ll listen when Miss Belle does another baby sign – to me it’s like she’s got an IQ higher than Einstein, even though I’m pretty sure everyone else couldn’t care less.

Miss Belle turned 18 months old last week. It was another milestone I guess; one of those moments where I said the usual clichés – “it’s going so fast, I just want time to slow down – someone please freeze time!” (seriously, if anyone can do this, let me know). It also got me thinking about when I should stop calling my baby a baby, and call her a toddler instead. Then I realised she’s not toddling, so I am sticking with baby for now.

My baby only started pulling herself up against furniture at 15 months old. She is now cruising around all over the place and so I’m getting the constant “it won’t be long” comments, but she’s not independently stood for more than a few seconds when climbing over me either. I do worry there may be something wrong with her feet. After her one year health check we were referred to the hospital because she scored zero for her gross motor skills. They said that at a year old she was as bendy in her joints as a newborn, and that it would just take her longer because she was so bendy. Our follow up appointment is on Friday. We’ll see if there’s anything else we need to do or if it’s just a case of wait and see. The consultant we saw last time was great and told us not to worry – he actually told me he wanted to burn the NCT down for the competitive anxiety it causes first time parents!

For now I will try and ‘enjoy’ the fact she’s not walking. That “just you wait until she walks, then you’ll have your work cut out” phrase is also getting old though. When I hear it, I smile and nod – but on the inside, know that I’m screaming “it’s alright for you, your son/daughter’s been somersaulting since they were 10 months old!” And actually, she’s really heavy now – I could do with her walking just to save my back!

So we still have some milestones left. And yes, I expect I will be shouting from the rooftops when she does finally walk…

Oh, and I don’t really want the NCT to be burnt down – some of you lot are alright 😉

Milestones – love them or hate them?
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4 thoughts on “Milestones – love them or hate them?

  • 6th July 2016 at 7:19 pm

    Fantastic blog! Can really relate to the milestone envy in me! X

  • 6th July 2016 at 8:35 pm

    Hope your appointment goes well! S walked at 17 months and didn’t bear weight until 11 months (let alone pull up!). I was also starting to get a bit worried especially as he has positional talipes when he was born. It’s most tricky outside in playgrounds where they can’t crawl in the gravel but want to be moving around! Frustrating for everyone. S went from first steps to confident walking in less than a week which seems common in later walkers… probably a couple of months after he started cruising.
    Hope miss belle does something similar! X

    • 7th July 2016 at 8:58 pm

      Thanks Tina, I will let you know how it goes. Hope you and the family are all well xx

  • 6th July 2016 at 10:15 pm

    I think we were in sync…our blogs are similar in theme today. All about the judgement & the competition. So sad. I love milestone cards though but didn’t do them with either my two…I really wish I had!!

    Keep smiling & nodding lovely xxx


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