Hi! I’m Susie and I’m a 31 year old (how the hell did that happen?) stay at home mum to my gorgeous toddler, Miss Belle. I live in Norfolk with my husband Matt.

After a wonderful year’s maternity leave I returned to work part time for four months before taking the plunge to be a Stay At Home Mum. It was such a big decision – I had always been career driven and never dreamed that I would give up work. But after much deliberation I left the working world, and so as not to go completely crackers and let my brain go to mush, I started this blog.

Susie Hawes This Is Me Now About

I’ve always been a writer. I trained and worked as a broadcast journalist and then moved into PR. I had always wanted to write a blog and on the many occasions since becoming a mum when I felt I could laugh or cry, I found myself thinking “if only I had a parenting blog, I’d write about that!” So here we are! I will be sharing our memories as we grow our little family.

A big lover of sunshine, holidays, wine and all things food, you can expect to read about our travels and favourite places to eat too. I’ve tried to embrace crafts, but I’m sorry it’s just not my thing. But if you want to hear about the fun and games, highs and lows, tears, tantrums and everything in between, of parenting and deciding to be a Stay At Home Mum, then I hope you’ll enjoy the read.

I feel totally different to the person I was before having a baby. This is me now, and I’m (just about) OK with it…